The "I Love You, Man" campaign debuted in 1995. The first spot featured "Johnny," a scruffylooking man fishing off the end of a pier with his father. Saucer-eyed, Johnny looks over to his father and says, in a voice redolent with emotion, "Dad. Well, you' re my dad. And I love you, man." His father eyes him coolly and responds, "You're not getting my Bud Light, Johnny." Subsequent commercials showed Johnny pulling similar scams on his brother and girlfriend without success. The inspiration for the "I Love You, Man" campaign came from the real-life experience of David Merhar, the DDB Needham associate who conceived of the ads. After a dinner at home with his 61-year-old father, Merhar hugged his dad and uttered the now-famous words, "I love you, man." As Merhar explained to USA Today, "This is how guys say 'I love you,' with a little disclaimer."